About Sara

My story

From working in Digital Marketing to following my passions and empowering women artists and artisans

Passionate about art, photography and design, I have dedicated myself for many years to the world of Digital Marketing, that although I liked it a lot and I learned great things that today serve me for my own projects and helping small entrepreneurs, I felt a hole inside of me that was missing to fill. One day, doing some portraits on my computer, I realized what I was missing, and that is when someone is passionate about it, it shows and I knew that I should dedicate myself to it, being able to do what I like every day, in addition to continuing to help small and medium-sized companies with the necessary and essential work of today, Social Networks.

I can only thank you for stopping by. Do not hesitate to contact me whenever you want, either because you have a company and need help with your social networks or because you have questions about any of the personalized products that we offer.