Upon receiving the order, the recipient must verify that he has received it without any damage, before signing the receipt to the company. However, gives you a period of 48 hours to review it thoroughly, in case there are damages caused by transport that are not apparently visible in case of having them, please notify them by email, to .m) ., is responsible for each and every one of the accidents that the product may have suffered until the place of delivery. Either with a refund of 60 of the amount paid or with a replacement of the damaged product..

Returns are not allowed for changes of opinion. All products are custom, mostly customers accept the design before it is printed.

Term of return of the amount paid: in the event that the product has been damaged and the client requires the return of the money, accepts to return the 60 of the money. Why the 60 We have made you a custom product that has taken time to work, and you have accepted the design to take it to print. You can always choose to replace it.smo.

Returns will be made through an issue in your favor by: bank transfer, credit / debit card or PayPal, depending on the payment system.


If you wish to cancel an order that has not yet been processed, the money will be refunded in full. If the design has been made but for any reason you change your mind, 60 of the amount will be refunded. We carry out reviews so that you are happy and can make changes..

In the case of the digital file only, the money will not be returned once the portrait has been made.