Portrait with your Pet

Portrait with your Pet

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⭐The best gift for a Dog Dad or Mom. Custom portrait of your pet and you or the owner on a canvas or print, which will be beautiful on any corner of your home, or the perfect gift for any friend, partner or family member.

⭐Custom portrait of your pet on a canvas or HD Fine Art Paper, which will be beautiful on any corner of your home. The perfect gift for any friend, partner or family member that love their pets!

- We will need a visible and medium/high quality image to make the portrait. To get the best result, please provide a clear, high resolution image. Note that mobile screenshots can reduce the size and quality of the image.
- You provide several pictures, BUT only the picture with better quality will be used and the others will be useful for any colour details and other features that the selected picture does not show correctly. 

- Custom portrait from a picture of you and your pet, or pets if you have more than one :) 
- The name of your pet or any sentence can be added to the portrait
- If you have any preference, you can request a special color pallet for the splashes

I will send you a preview of the design before printing it so you can confirm that everything is fine. I usually send 2 different color versions for the splashes, so you can choose
It will be printed post it as soon as you confirm that you love it. 


1. Select the material and size
2. Introduce any special instructions in the personalisation box if necessary
3. Attach the picture before placing the order or send us and email it to info@saradebono.com
4. We will send you a preview before being printed printing to make sure that everything is fine.

If you are not sure if your picture would work, email it to info@saradebono.com or via message and I will check it for you. 


We ship internationally. Please, follow this link for processing times and shipping information in the "Shipping & Delivery" section.


VAT is included in the price. Shipping costs are € 3.

If your product arrives damaged, please send us photographs of both the product and the packaging so that we can assist you both with the return and replacement of your product. You must contact us within 5 days after receiving your product.

If you wish to cancel your order once the product or design has been made, we can only reimburse you for 60% of the cost, since it is a personalized product created under your preferences.